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Summer Menu 2023

Our summer menu this year is a short and sweet ode to our favourite fruit: the mango. Easily Konkan’s most iconic fruit, it is versatile in its raw and fully ripened avatars. “Paisley” itself is a name for an Indian motif that is inspired by the shape of the raw mango. Our abundant mango trees serve as inspiration for the menu. Here’s a walk through of this year’s summer menu.


An iconic summer beverage in every Maharashtrian household, Panha had to be on our summer menu. Raw mango pulp, sweetened with jaggery and a touch of cardamom make this summer cooler addictive. You just can’t stop at one glass.

Kairichi koshimbir or raw mango salad

A Maharashtrian take on the Thai som tam, this salad packs a punch of flavour with every bite. Grated raw mango makes the base, with some finely chopped onion, tomatoes and chilis added in for texture. Salted and set aside for the flavours to settle. Garnished with a generous helping of tender grated coconut, peanuts for crunch and coriander for freshness. Have it as a side to your meal or like a salsa with our locally sourced Mirgund papad.

Kairichi Amti

While kairichi amti or kadhi is a common summer preparation in most households in the Konkan region, we add an extra layer of flavour to this delicacy. Our kairis are rolled into the wood fired “chool” until completely charred. Once cool enough to handle they make the most comforting amti to top your favourite variety of local rice.

Kairicha Kalwan

The souring agent of our classic fish curry or kalwan is usually tamarind. However, every summer we love replacing it with the seasonal kairi. Not only does it act as a souring agent, but also makes for a great addition to the spicy curry when it absorbs all the flavours. Best had with a heap of steaming rice.


Locally sourced mangoes, a touch of cardamom for decadence, blended with milk. Summer is incomplete without Aamras and puris, served with kurdai papads, ofcourse.

Our summer menu is available only until the end of May. Plan your trip to Paisley if you haven’t experienced the Paisley Summer yet!

Call us on +91 90828 04116 or whatsapp us here to book a feast.

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