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Exploring Alibaug's Monsoon Secrets : Raan Bhaaji

Alibaug's monsoon food practices are a celebration of the region's natural abundance and cultural heritage. The tradition of foraging greens creates a plethora of unique seasonal flavours.

As the rains shower the region, Alibaug’s landscapes transform into a lush haven for foraged greens. Raanbhaaji or monsoon greens, carefully picked from the wild, introduce a unique and earthy flavor to the local cuisine.

Foraging for wild greens is a time-honored tradition in Alibaug. Locals possess an innate knowledge of the surrounding forests and fields, where they uncover a treasure trove of edible greens. From experienced villagers to seasoned chefs, foraging is a skill passed down through generations. The act of searching for and gathering these greens connects people to the land and fosters a deep appreciation for nature's offerings. Some common finds include phodshi, maath, shevla, kantole and wild varieties of colocasia and methi.

Alu or colocasia leaves
Alu or colocasia leaves

ridge gourd and colocasia
Ghosali and alu


While foraging can be an exciting and rewarding experience, it's essential to approach it responsibly and with caution. Keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Seek permission: If you plan to forage on private land or protected areas, always seek permission from the landowners or local authorities.

  2. Educate yourself: Invest time in learning about local flora, distinguishing edible plants from poisonous ones, and understanding sustainable foraging practices.

  3. Harvest ethically: Only collect what you need and be mindful not to harm the plants or their habitats. Leave behind enough greens for regeneration and for other creatures that rely on them for sustenance.

  4. Avoid endangered species: Do not forage rare or endangered plants. Respect the delicate ecological balance of the region and focus on sustainable options.

While foraging is a skill that takes years to master, you can drop in at Paisley for a our raan bhaaji thaali that showcases the days foraged veggies in an array of different preparations.

wild greens, thaali
Our raanbhaaji thaali

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