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Another day, another plate

Another day, another plate. The usual suspects; fish, greens, and a bhakri.

A few new elements to keep things interesting. Seasonal produce and farm produce come together in the winter carrot koshimbir, with a touch of raw papaya. Tempered with some mustard seeds, chilli, and freshly plucked curry leaves.

Kokam saar. Kokam extract, coconut milk. Tadka. Comfort.

Sukkat or dry fish is finally available in the markets again. We had to go get a few kilos and make some pickle. Jawlyacha loncha it is. Addictive, savoury, and available in pretty little jars at our restaurant.

Valache shenga, salted and steamed. There’s just two on the plate for aesthetic purposes, but that definitely wasn’t all that was consumed.

That’s pretty much all we’re about at Paisley. Seasonality. Fresh produce. Local recipes. Age old food practices. Come by, experience it.

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