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A brief history: Potato

It is difficult to imagine any regional Indian cuisine without the presence of a few quintessential potato dishes, even though the potato is not from South Asia. The South American tuber found its way to India by way of the Portuguese and was popularised by the British.

It is speculated that the potato encased pattice is a result of the Pachkalshis working closely with the British, and is a rendition of their meat and potato ‘patties’.

While different versions of the potato pattice exist across cultures, as chops, cutlets, croquettes, it is the stuffing that gives them their identity. The use of community specific spices, cooking techniques make the humble stuffed potato mash a scrumptious delicacy.

The versatile pattice can be found on our menu, stuffed with slow cooked kheema or fresh shrimp mince. Coated with breadcrumbs and fried to a golden brown crunch. Taste a little history with every bite at Paisley.

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