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What's on my plate?

A millet, some greens, two fruits, and fish.

It’s easy to eat a nutrient rich meal when you’re in close proximity of the source of your produce. The freshness of the ingredients is more than enough reason.

Hand plucked greens from the farm, stir-fried just the right amount. A raw papaya plucked from the grove, grated and tempered to play the cooling salad element on the plate. Tamarind from the tree, soaked, and extracted to make a tangy saar. A whole mackerel, marinated in the most basic spices, to retain its natural taste; pan fried. Accompanied by a soft ragi bhakri, cooked on the chool.

Eating at a restaurant doesn’t have to be a sinful indulgence, or a cheat meal. At Paisley Experience, we serve our guests food that we’d happily eat every single day.

While our menu does have its fair share of rich and indulgent delicacies, it’s easy to maintain whatever diet you’re following at Paisley without compromising on the Alibaug experience.

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