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Seafood, Seasonality and Sustainability

Much like fruits and vegetables, different varieties of seafood have different seasons of consumption. Let’s use the king of fruits as an example; mangoes may be available throughout the year, imported, frozen, etc. But to enjoy the purest, freshest form of the fruit, one waits impatiently for summer. We give the mango trees enough time to flower, grow fruit and ripen into yellow gold goodness. Like mangoes shine in the summer season, different varieties of seafood too have their seasons of glory.

The season is not influenced by climatic conditions or the weather, but the breeding seasons of the fish. A fish is said to be 'in season' when available abundantly in the sea. Although available, when consumed throughout the year, your favourite fish variety cannot breed amply and is at risk of disappearing entirely. It requires time to breed, repopulate and grow to a certain size before it is fished out for consumption.

Sourcing our ingredients in a sustainable and ethical manner is very important to us. While we make it a point to keep our menu as seasonal as possible, here's a few ways you, too, can consume more sustainably:

  1. Try new varieties that are in season (we'd love to make recommendations when you dine with us) so as to reduce the pressure on the popular varieties of fish, and give them a healthy time to breed and grow. They may not be popular, but they are winners in taste.

  2. Initiate conversations with your vendors, ask them what is in season. Eating seasonal not only ensures better taste and freshness, but is also economical.

  3. Be more informed about the seasonality and sustainability of seafood consumption, here's a few resources that can simplify the process for you:

Next time you dine at Paisley Experience, don't be disheartened if the beloved pomfret or surmai isn't on the menu. Let them take their time to repopulate, while we offer you lesser known local varieties. You may not go back to the better known varieties after trying the local fair, but you'll be doing your tastebuds and the ocean a favour!

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