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Traditional bread

The multitude of curries, gravies and even simple bhaajis depend on a medium of carbohydrates, be it bread or rice, to reach the palette of the eater.

The breads of a cuisine are influenced largely by the geography of where its people settled. The Pachkalshis who flourished on the coasts of Mumbai and Konkan, took to rice as their primary grain. Availability of wheat has influenced the diets of the urban dwelling Pachkalshis heavily in the recent times, but most still have a special place for rice and rice based breads in their hearts.

The traditional pairing of breads and curries make for unmatched flavour; spicy meat rassas with sweetened rice vade fried to golden perfection, the comfort of bhakris with sukkat, or ghavane with a freshly hand pounded coconut chutney.

Be it the soft bhakris, layered khoi chapatis, or jaggery sweetened vade, the traditional breads of a cuisine narrate the history of a people in a way no food item can.

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