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Paisley Experience Turns 1!

It has been a whole year since The Paisley Kitchen was reincarnated as Paisley Experience. Despite 2020 not being the friendliest year to us, we've grown, learnt, and are looking forward to serving you with warm hospitality.

We thank you, our clients, wholeheartedly for trusting us through the pandemic and helping us stay afloat through the storm (literal and metaphorical).

Every year helps us evolve into something better. Our promise to serve you the freshest ingredients and the most wholesome food, remains unchanged. But here's what's new:

Although our first menu successfully served it's purpose of presenting you with our signature dishes at one glance, our latest menu is better representative of how we've changed as an organisation. Not only have we added an array of well researched Pachkalshi specialties, but also paid attention to detail and made it complementary to the Experience as a whole.

Additions include a variety of vegetarian dishes that shine the spotlight on some beautiful local produce, as well as a wider range of traditional seafood delicacies like the Prawn stuffed Pomfret. We also offer you a larger number of options such as Bombay Duck, Lobster and Mandeli (to name a few) as part of our fresh catch.

You can find the menu here.

Packing Paisley

Your love for the pickles and papads at Paisley Experience has inspired us to take one step further. We're working on a line of artisanal pickles, papads, all made with ingredients sourced locally and sustainably.

You'll be able to carry a bit of Paisley back home with you!


So far we've only been able to serve you at our restaurant and when you choose to fetch your food from us at Dhokawade. We're working on an efficient delivery system for your comfort!

Thank you, for trusting and supporting us through our first year.


COO, Paisley Experience

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