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The Journey Of Your Food: Paisley Experience

Knowing where the food we eat comes from, allows us to truly enjoy it in every aspect. It creates a healthier relationship with food and makes us more appreciative of the ingredients. While it may not be possible to trace the journey of each ingredient of your everyday food, we at Paisley Experience would love for our guests to know the origin of each component that makes their meal.

All of our ingredients are either sourced locally or cultivated inhouse as far as possible.

Not taking advantage of Alibaug’s abundant coastline and fresh seafood is as good as a crime. Our paplets, surmais, chimboris are brought in freshly caught by Kolins, who have mastered their trade over generations and when it comes to freshness and quality, these ladies mean business. Our jitada, a local freshwater variety is sourced from our very own pond and is procured on demand.

When we started our kitchen back in 2019, our manager, Mandar took the initiative to farm a little patch of vegetables right by our kitchen. The reason why we don’t have a vast variety of vegetable dishes on our menu is because we prefer using seasonal vegetables that are ready to harvest from our kitchen garden. If our farm ceases to suffice, we source veggies from our neighbouring farms that are equally fresh! At the end of the day, our menu aims at showcasing vegetables that are local to the region; gourds, drumsticks, and leafy greens.

Our flours and masalas are sourced and ground at the neighbourhood mill. Chicken, from our very own Prabhat Poultry, just minutes away.

When these gorgeous ingredients are put together, following one of our heirloom recipes, a dish is created, ready for service!

The next time you’re dining with Paisley Experience, don’t hesitate to ask us where the kadi patta in your amti came from, we’ll be more than happy to point you in the direction of the tree we plucked it from in the morning!

Dhani Paisley Experience


For bookings, call, text or Whatsapp 9769429009/9833013015.

We're also doing weekly pop-ups in Mumbai for the time being.

Experience Paisley today!

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