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Our favourite eggplant recipe

A patient slow roast of peanuts, toasted till brown. Ground to a powder, not too fine. It should still have a bite. The perfectly sized eggplant slit down the middle, individually stuffed with the coarse peanut powder, spices, and coriander. Cooked on wood fire until the eggplants are tender and the stuffing seeps out to create a nutty and earthy curry that ties the whole dish together.

You can’t rush the cooking, not with Bharleli Vangi. Garnished with the greenest coriander and some freshly grated coconut.

One of our best selling vegetarian dishes, cooking bharleli vangi is a process of patience and love.

Bharleli vangi, or stuffed eggplants is a quintessential Maharashtrian preparation.

Originally stuffed with roasted peanuts and masalas, the coastal Pachkalshis claimed it as their own with a unique rendition. Their undying love for seafood, made for the addition of fresh or dry jawla (shrimp) in the stuffing, along with coconut.

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