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What is Paisley Experience?

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

My family's roots trace back through multiple generations to Alibaug. Among the notable figures is N.K. Mhatre, affectionately known as Anna, a pioneering force in the poultry industry. Though I never had the privilege of meeting him, his enduring legacy and reputation left a lasting impression on me, even in my formative years. As I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, a part of me aspired to emulate his indomitable spirit at every turn.

Culinary passion seems to run in my bloodline. Notably, every family member I've encountered shares an unwavering zeal for food, whether it's the art of cooking or the joy of savoring. My childhood was adorned with memories of observing my Neeya (maternal grandmother) and my mother conjure everyday dishes that transcended the ordinary. In a family as infatuated with gastronomy as ours, the term "everyday food" falls short. The process of preparing meals enthralled me. It felt akin to chemistry, minus the equations that still elude me to this day. A career as a chef initially beckoned, until my training at a hotel unearthed unsettling realities about the industry's lack of creativity and challenging work conditions. Before my graduation, fate intervened.

The Inception of The Paisley Kitchen

A pivotal moment arrived when my uncle presented an opportunity – a culinary space adjacent to a factory in Alibaug that was ripe for transformation. Without much contemplation, my mother and I embraced the idea with enthusiasm. Our hiatus from Alibaug was lengthy, prompting us to ponder, "Why not?" Following numerous brainstorming sessions, discarded menus, and rejected concepts, The Paisley Kitchen emerged. It stands as a delivery-focused kitchen, a vessel for traditional fare native to the Pachkalshis of Mumbai and Alibaug. This cuisine resonates deeply with me, embodying the essence of Alibaug, the flavors I grew up cherishing, and the recipes woven through our family's rich tapestry over generations. To envisage a trip to Alibaug without indulging in this cuisine is, quite frankly, inconceivable to me.

My Alibaug getaways were a medley of sun-soaked adventures, scaling trees, and relishing kalwan – the crispy fried fish crafted from the day's freshest catch, perfectly complemented by a side of steaming rice. This cherished nostalgia and immersive experience are precisely what our menu endeavors to deliver.

As circumstances evolved, the delivery kitchen's need to relocate from the factory premises unfolded, culminating in an unexpectedly taxing ordeal. However, it was from this crucible of challenges that The Paisley Kitchen blossomed into what we proudly present today – the encompassing Paisley Experience.

Paisley Experience

The delivery kitchen spread its wings and metamorphosed into a larger, independent endeavor – the now flourishing Paisley Experience. This comprehensive culinary journey encapsulates the very essence of the Alibaug I hold dear from my upbringing. This transformation felt akin to a fresh start, albeit one where we possessed a more informed sense of direction compared to our initial venture.

Our dedicated kitchen team, who originated from The Paisley Kitchen, remained steadfast by our side – a fact for which I am eternally grateful. Notably, individuals such as Jyoti, Reshma, Siya, and Mandar have seamlessly transitioned into their roles as custodians of Paisley Experience. Evolving from once-silent contributors within a factory setting, they have evolved into indispensable assets assuming positions of responsibility. Witnessing their growth and collaborating closely with them has been immensely rewarding, allowing me to glean insights and unearth their remarkable capabilities.

As I finish writing this post, I realised that along with Paisley, I’ve grown too. I envision Paisley Experience evolving into a purposeful entity that reciprocates the benefits it garners from its environment. A robust, sustainable enterprise that not only expands its footprint but also becomes a catalyst for local prosperity. This entails increased employment opportunities for the community, bolstering the network of Alibaug's local suppliers, and actively championing their growth.

As I bring this post to a close, a profound realization dawns upon me – just as Paisley has blossomed, so have I. With a fervent aspiration to continue this journey of growth and knowledge, I am committed to learning more, expanding my horizons, and nurturing the symbiotic relationship with our esteemed patrons who have been unwavering in their support since December 2018.And I hope to learn more, grow more, and I hope our patrons continue to support us like they have since December 2018.

Dhani Paisley Experience

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